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Santa Monica Pickleball Center



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Whether you're learning how to play for the first time, returning to tennis or looking for a high-performance frame that's easy to play with, the Boost Wimbledon tennis racquet is for you!
With an exclusive design inspired by the legendary British Grand Slam, the Boost Wimbledon will enable you to make smashes, drop shots and aces in style. You'll have a lot of fun on the court with this tennis racquet!




You don't have Rafa's arm? Then what you need is a tennis racquet that's easy to handle and that produces more power to boost your game. The Boost Wimbledon carbon fiber tennis racquet gives you the extra power you need.


No more heavy wooden racquets! The Boost Wimbledon, with its all-graphite composition, represents the new generation of tennis racquets. This technology, used in the best tennis racquets, is extremely lightweight, without compromising strength or durability.


Are you taking up tennis (again)? We've designed this tennis racquet to be extremely easy to handle. The Boost Wimbledon is a lightweight, well-balanced tennis racquet that will help prevent arm fatigue during long matches and boost your chances of winning.
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