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PROXR - Beth Bellamy Diamond Series - Pickleball Paddle

PROXR - Beth Bellamy Diamond Series - Pickleball Paddle

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Designed by women, for women (and anyone who wants more ‘pop’ on the ball.)

ProXR Pickleball’s new Diamond Series paddle, was designed by pickleball’s 2022 winningest player, Beth Bellamy (43 Gold Medals,) with female players and anyone who wants a little more ‘pop’ on the ball in mind. In today’s game, paddles are no longer one-size-fits-all, so players with aspirations of improving on their game need to play with a paddle designed to fit their play style.

When asked about her new signature paddle, Beth said “It’s the most powerful paddle I’ve ever used. It gives me that extra pop on aggressive shots, while not sacrificing control on softer shots like drops, dinks and resets thanks to the ProXR handle.” Beth chooses a 14mm fiberglass face paddle with a continental handle.

The Beth Bellamy Diamond Series features graphics designed by Shepard Fairey. Described as “One of the most influential street artists” (Institute of Contemporary Art) for his bold, iconic style that is based on styling and idealizing images, Shep was tasked with creating a paddle that was as stunning to look at as it was to play with. He certainly succeeded.

This paddle features ProXR Pickleball's patent pending XR-23 handle technology, proven effective in major sports such as the MLB and NHL. Founded in ergonomics and bio-mechanical science, the unique handle shape optimizes your hand's connection to the paddle to create quicker reload, increased spin and added control.  ProXR Pickleball's Diamond Series paddle features the highest quality materials on the market, allowing you to gain your advantage.

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