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JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Gen 3 - 16mm

JOOLA Ben Johns Perseus Gen 3 - 16mm

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The Perseus 3 is Ben Johns’ official pickleball paddle for 2024. You’ll see the unmistakable turquoise blue JOOLA paddle on center court time and again as Ben looks to maintain his status as the #1 pickleball player in the world. With designs guided by Ben Johns’ engineering background and countless hours of testing, JOOLA’s Gen 3 paddles are the talk of the professional pickleball tour. The patent-pending Propulsion Core doesn’t compromise between power and control. The carbon fiber pickleball paddle has the ability to launch explosive balls from the baseline or create unreachable velocity on speed ups. But what our pro players truly cherish is the dwell time of the core and grit of the carbon friction paddle face. The result is a power paddle that still gives you the ability to excel at the kitchen line and expertly control your shots. Trust is further enhanced by the durability of charged carbon surface that provides consistent play across the life of the paddle. Also new for JOOLA’s generation 3 paddles is an embedded NFC chip that unlocks your 12-month warranty through an easy to navigate registration process. As a bonus, you will get a free month of access to exclusive content on the JOOLA Connect App.


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