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Head Prestige MP L 2023

Head Prestige MP L 2023

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Classic Prestige feel meets modern speed 

As the lightest member of the Prestige family, the Prestige MP L brings the incalculable benefit of maneuverability and speed to one of the game's most storied control franchises. At approximately 11.2 ounces strung and boasting a whippy sub-315 swingweight and open 16x19 string pattern, this racquet will give intermediate players the kind of user-friendly hitting experience that breeds confidence. For the more advanced ball striker, the MP L not only makes a great customization option, but it's also no slouch in stock form where it provides a user-friendly entry point into the outstanding control and feel of the Prestige family. The main technology is Auxetic 2, a uniquely flexible material in the yoke and handle to optimize feel. The MP L also benefits from Graphene 360+ (labeled Graphene Inside), which strengthens the frame in key locations to increase power and stability. Ultimately, this racquet is an outstanding option for those who want a faster, more spin-friendly Prestige without sacrificing the control and feel for which the franchise is known.  for pre-sale. In stock 10/12


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